Alternative financing: show me the money

Alternative financing: show me the money The growth of the alternative financing sector is putting more investors in touch with businesses of all sizes who are in need of financing. Jaimie Kaffash considers the alternatives to conventional bank finance from crowdfunding to peer-to-peer lending   continue reading...

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QuidCycle to Revolutionize Debt Management Ethically sound peer-to-peer lender to challenge payday loans companies

QuidCycle to Revolutionize Debt Management
Ethically sound peer-to-peer lender to challenge payday loans companies

By AltFinanceNews on 28th November 2013An ethical peer-to-peer lending company – QuidCycle – is giving hope to families trapped in spiralling debt.
Growing frustration at profit-driven financial products and institutions led founder Frank Mukahanana to create QuidCycle. Mukahanana believes the customer-focused model will ultimately render payday loans companies obsolete.

Crowdfunding: Does it have staying power?

The peer-to-peer and crowdfunding landscape is changing rapidly. Just a few years ago many people had never heard of the concept of lending their cash to businesses and individuals to earn interest at rates that would outstrip traditional savings rates. But the market has expanded quickly,...

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SME spending spree cements economic recovery

Money&Co, the crowdfunding site launched by veteran fund manager Nicola Horlick, has reported a significant SME funding shortfall. The study asked senior management at UK SMEs about their last loan application, comparing it to the average sum awarded. The discrepancy reveals a funding gap of...

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Crowdfunding success for smartwatch creator

The Durham-based creator of a high-tech smartwatch is celebrating after smashing an ambitious crowdfunding target in less than two weeks. Paul Gill, who is founder and design engineer at Orsto launched a Crowdcube Equity Investment funding campaign to raise £60,000 to launch the x3 smartwatch in...

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FCA to set boundaries of online guidance and advice

  The Financial Conduct Authority is to publish a consultation next month to address the distinction between online guidance services and regulated advice.   The Financial Times reports the regulator is looking to address concerns around the “grey area” of online investment services offering advice and those providing guidance. continue...

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