The UK Crowdfunding Association takes complaints seriously, and is committed to dealing with them in a fair and efficient manner. If any person is dissatisfied with any aspect of the UK Crowdfunding Association or its members, he or she may make a complaint using the following procedure:

  • Send an email with the word “complaint” as the subject to clearly setting out what your complaint is in relation to.
  • We will send an initial response to you by return email within 10 working days, which will state that it is either our final response or we are investigating the matter further.
  • If we are investigating the matter further, we may ask you further questions about your complaint.
  • We will provide a final response to your complaint by email within 2 months of the date your complaint was made.

Please note that when a complaint relates to a member of the UK Crowdfunding Association, we may need to engage that member in the course of investigating the complaint. Our ability to deal with a complaint against a member will be determined by the application of our Articles of Association, Policy and Code of Conduct, and it may be appropriate for you to refer the complaint to the member directly.

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