Financing with the Crowd: Indiegogo, Seedrs and Wayra Give Their Two Cents

Financing with the Crowd: Indiegogo, Seedrs and Wayra Give Their Two Cents – Part I
ELENA RUECKERT 2014-05-23 0

This week the word “crowdfunding” was added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Indeed, “the practice of soliciting financial contributions from a large number of people especially from the online community” has been growing significantly in popularity – especially among European startups who are looking for pre-seed or seed funding.

Here is how Jeff Lynn, CEO of equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs, sees the future of crowdfunding: “I think in Europe broadly and Germany specifically, it is going to continue to grow very significantly. I think one thing to remember in terms of crowdfunding is that, while it is still in its early days and people see it as this new thing, in ten years time it will be like e-commerce. Nobody really says e-commerce anymore. It is just commerce.”

How to select a crowdfunding project name

How to Select a Crowdfunding Project Name
Posted on May 23, 2014 by Michael Ibberson Updated May 23, 2014
Obscurity – it can work both for and against your project. Not in market approach or concept, but rather in title. Sometimes the unknown attracts by pulling at our curiosities, while at other times it simply pushes us away. When we think of crowdfunding project names, we tend to assume self-evident titles perform best, yet so many projects choose unclear names for the sake of branding or marketing.

The eyes have it

Do you know about the power of eyes in marketing?   Is famously private Darren Westlake - founder of Crowdcube, and his co-founder Luke Lang   case studies for this theory?  Search online to find images of their  eyes.. and of course their  business…We found  interviews with Luke...

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Crowdfunding Sports

Ireland’s top doubles player, James Cluskey, was travelling the globe, climbing the men’s tennis rankings and running out of money.Playing in tournaments from the U.S. to Slovenia, Cluskey ended 2013 at a career-best ranking of No. 153 on the ATP World Tour doubles rankings. His...

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