How to Crowdfund Like a Hacker

Kevin Rustagi is no stranger to crowdfunding. Ministry of Supply, the men's clothier that Rustagi co-founded with several MIT classmates in 2010, broke Kickstarter records last June when the company raised nearly $500,000--more than any previous fashion project--from over 2,500 backers for itssweat-resistant dress shirts. Perhaps understandably, Rustagi was...

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Omate smartwatch hits crowdfunding target

The Omate TrueSmart raised more than $100,000 via fundraising website Kickstarter. According to the founders of Omate, a working prototype already exists. The money will be used to fund production of the smartwatch. Speaking to the BBC, one of Omate’s founder Nick Yap said that the smartwatch had already...

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Investors must be 'made clear' of crowdfunding risks

"Crowdfunding" - an alternative lending method where companies ask the public for investment online - has been growing in popularity. Using the system, Scottish beer-maker BrewDog raised more than £1m in 24 hours after it appealed to the general public for funds in exchange for equity. But...

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