UK Crowdfunding Association elects new Directors at Annual General Meeting

Directors June 2016
Newly elected UKCFA Directors (from left to right): Bruce Davis, Abundance Generation; Paul Massey, Crowdcube; Martin Smulian, FundingKnight; Karen Kerrigan, Seedrs; Kate Eggleshaw, JustGiving; Justin Hubble, Property Partner; Atuksha Poonwassie, Simple Backing; Julia Groves, Downing LLP; Frank Mukahanana, Quidcycle.

14th June 2016
The UK Crowdfunding Association yesterday held its Annual General Meeting at Nabarro LLP, leading to the election of nine energetic Directors that will guide the organisation over the next year.

The meeting gave members the opportunity to reflect on the progress made by the Association over the last 12 months in areas such as tax, regulation, policy and communications, and to resolve to continue cooperating in the best interests of an industry that has now facilitated over £5bn of investment across the UK.

The Association’s new Directors are as wide-ranging and diverse as crowdfunding itself, representing platforms involved in equity, peer-to-peer, bonds and donations, and channelling funding into sectors from cutting-edge renewable technology to inspiring charity appeals.

Julia Groves, the UKCFA’s outgoing Chair, said: “The message going out from today’s AGM is that whatever stage you’re at in your business journey, whatever sector you’re in, and whatever form of financing suits you best, the breadth and diversity of our industry means there is a good chance have an answer. Crowdfunding is a fast, regulated alternative to traditional lending and investment, and is fuelling some of the UK’s most innovative companies day by day.”

The UKCFA would like to place on record its thanks to Nabarro, BWB, KPMG, Bovill and PWC amongst many other supporters for their ongoing commitment to the organisation over the last year.

The full list of Directors is as follows:
Bruce Davis, Director
Abundance Generation
Investment based crowdfunding: Debt based securities

Paul Massey, General Counsel
Investment based crowdfunding: equity and debt based securities

Martin Smulian, Head of Legal & Compliance
Loan based crowdfunding: peer to business

Karen Kerrigan, Chief Legal Officer
Investment based crowdfunding: equity

Kate Eggleshaw, Marketing & Communications Manager
Donation based crowdfunding

Justin Hubble, General Counsel
Property Partner
Investment based crowdfunding: equity

Atuksha Poonwassie, Co-Founder
Simple Backing
Loan based crowdfunding: peer to business

Julia Groves, Partner and Head of Crowdfunding
Downing LLP
Investment based crowdfunding: debt based securities

Frank Mukahanana, Founder
Loan based crowdfunding: peer to peer

The role of Chair will continue to rotate between Directors.