SUBSET is back with 3 days to go

Aaaaannnnnddd we’re BACK!! Not only that, but we’re getting seriously exited now (albeit slight nervous too! 🙂

For those of you who decided to join us on our crowdfunding blitz yesterday, you managed to help us get the word out there, which we’re truly thankful for! So much so that we promised a round of beers to one of you

As for today, the crowdfudning blitz continues, and so your SUBSET task for today is:

Copy and paste this message and send it to your immediate work colleagues:

“Some good friends of mine, Romain, Rob, Alex, Jay & Arran, are trying to take their band on a European tour. If you’re a fan of music (or Europe), please check out this link:


They’re almost 60% of the way to their funding goal and they are offering some awesome rewards to people that support them!

(You could even sit down with one of them over your lunch break and tell them how awesome we are 😉

THANK YOU all so much!

Romain, Rob, Alex, Jay & Arran