Proof that businesses can make money and make a difference

CrowdMission is all about organisations that are out to make the world a better place. But we’re not talking about charities. We champion entrepreneurs and business owners who have the ability to make money and make a difference.

We recently came across one company that is doing just that. Ben Allen is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who runs Oomph Wellness, one of the UK’s largest providers of holistic therapy for the elderly and people with disabilities. The company works with over 300 nursing, residential care homes and day care services across the UK.   So far, it has delivered a range of exercise programmes for 15,000 people.

Ben, who last week beat 800 other business owners to win £10,000 in the Shell LiveWIRE Entrepreneur of theYear Awards, currently employs 26 full time staff in seven cities and is experiencing month-on-month growth of 20%. Revenues are expected to be in excess of £500,000 within the next 12 months.

These are impressive figures made even more admirable given that the entrepreneur started his company only 18 months ago!

Ben is running exactly the kind of company we think is the future of British business. We support entrepreneurs who recognise a social, community or environmental problem and apply a business solution.

Age Concern says that falls by elderly people cost the NHS £4.6 million per day but exercise can help prevent falls by up to 50%. Rather than leave the problem to traditional public sector or charitable methods, Ben has applied an entrepreneurial solution.

We look forward to working with lots of Ben Allens to prove that entrepreneurs can indeed change the world.