Crowdfunding Projects That Can Increase Your Productivity

In an attempt to find tools that will make my work life a bit easier, I set out to look for some new products. Instead of going to see what’s already on the market – I decided to check out what’s coming, by looking through some crowdfunding sites for current projects. I found a few new products that are sure to improve my productivity so I thought I’d share. Here are 3 crowdfunding projects that I think are very worth taking a peek at:

1. Modus III – Modus III touts that it is the “ultimate environment for app-based productivity on the iPad and smart phone.” It is a mobile work station that allows you to be more productive when working from your iPad. By mounting the iPad like a screen, Modus III allows you to adjust to your perfect viewing angle, a laptop sized adjustable keyboard makes typing a snap and the smart phone mount lets you pair the keyboard to your phone as well – so you can be typing notes on your phone while conducting a Facetime chat on your iPad – genius! There is still time to make a difference on this campaign and to secure your pre-production Modus III.

2. Sigmo – I love to travel and get really excited when a work trip takes me abroad, however – foreign languages are a challenge for me. Sigmo is a simple yet profound gadget that allows you to communicate in 25 languages. It pairs with your smart phone via bluetooth so that you can set your native language and select what language you’d like translated… and is about the size of an iPod. The next time your business takes you to a foreign land – don’t sweat not knowing the language – you’ll still be able to negotiate like a champ – check out this crowdfunding campaign to pre-order your Sigmo.

3. Sprayable Energy – What?! It’s a new product created by two dudes that have a sensitivity to energy drinks. As busy entrepreneurs we all know how important energy is to getting things done. With this cool, new, FDA approved product – tired folks no longer have to depend on drinking caffeine or energy drinks to get back on track, they can now just spray Sprayable Energy on their skin and viola!Check out this campaign and see if its the type of energy you’ve been looking for.

It’s important that we support other entrepreneurs and those that are working towards creating products and companies as we work on our own. I encourage you to take a look at these projects mentioned above but also continuously explore new projects and help promote new businesses around the world.

SOURCE: Forbes