2014 trends for business start ups and future funders

Editor’s Note: David Drake breaks out the crystal ball and writes in to make some crowdfunding predictions for 2014.

Attention potential fans and future funders, or to anyone who is enthusiastic about someone’s business or ventures!

Previewing part of financial industry trends can be your stepping stone in befriending Mr. Financial Capital.

And special mention to the budding entrepreneurs who are checking out at the largest and famous crowdfunding sites for their programs, services, and platforms. Make way for their forecasting stage!

Looking Forward to Accredited Crowdfunding:

Italy Leads the First Equity Crowdfunding Law in the World
“You don’t need to be an Italian to crowdfund in Italy!” Indeed, open to any nationality, Italy’s equity crowdfunding allows all people around the globe to crowdfund in Italy. Italy will enter crowdfunding with their new law with challenges that only a broker dealer reciprocity agreement between FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) with Consob [Italian Securities and Exchange Commission] could overcome. The enactment of regulations for equity crowdfunding aims to private investments.

Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms Perform Even Better
The crowdfunding phenomenon is their common denominator. These online platforms will not only help you raise money fast for your business, but will also help you get ready to start a really viable one for any specific social, personal, entertainment, or other purposes. Raise awareness and stay in touch with the news, special offers, and updates!

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