The following are members of the UK Crowdfunding Association representing the wide range of businesses that are helping to revolutionise the way businesses can connect with individual investors to finance their businesses, projects and ventures.

The UK Crowdfunding  Association  is open to new members and supporters who are willing to sign up to our code of practice.


logo-abundanceAbundance Generation

The first FCA-regulated community finance platform allowing investors to invest directly in UK renewable energy projects from as little as £5 and get a regular cash return based on the energy produced.


Contact: Bruce Davis


A platform for startups to raise money and find talent.


Contact: Andy Chung

Angels Den

Angels Den is an established angel-led crowdfunding platform, matching pre-vetted businesses with experienced business people and active angel investors who can invest alongside the crowd and provide ongoing mentorship to ensure success.


Contact: Bill Morrow


cofundersqCoFunder (NI) Ltd

CoFunder is a peer-to-business crowdfunding lending platform, focused on providing high quality investment opportunities for Funders and a fast, flexible and fair service for Borrowers. CoFunder is the only crowdfunding lending platform in Northern Ireland to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and also operates in the Republic of Ireland.


Contact: Cody Reddie



We believe that finance needs to be fast, fair and flexible to meet today’s demands. Crowd2Fund is an alternative solution to an out-of-date financial system, and the only FCA regulated crowdfunding platform to offer 5 models of finance, across debt and equity investments. We provide great investment opportunities and simple finance, ensuring businesses get access to funds at competitive rates and investors get generous returns on their investments.


Contact: Chris Hancock

Crowd for AngelsCrowd for Angels

Crowd for Angels, the first crowdfunding platform to provide equity and debt funding for both private and public companies. We fund companies from seed to listed and we are regulated by the FCA.


Contact: Tony De Nazareth


CrowdBnk is an equity crowdfunding platform offering investors the opportunity to invest in exciting, rigorously vetted early-stage and established businesses.


Contact: Ayan Mitra


Crowdcube helps startups and growing businesses to raise business finance by letting people invest via their equity crowdfunding platform.


Contact: Darren Westlake


Crowdfunder is a rewards crowdfunding platform for businesses, communities, charities and individuals, connecting them with their community to change the world around them. Projects can raise money and ask for peoples’ time and skills.


Contact: Phil Geraghty


Crowdfunding and Volunteering for Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Communities.


Contact: Simon Krystman




CrowdProperty is a peer-to-peer lending platform designed to facilitate loans between private individuals and professional property businesses. All loans are secured by a registered first legal charge against property in the UK.


Contact: Simon Zutshi


CrowdShed is a funding platform and physical hub bridging the divide between the web and the real world. We help businesses, charities and project leaders raise the funds they need.


Contact: Henry Freeman:

Downing Crowd

We design & manage investment products that help investors look after their financial wellbeing, while our investment partnerships support businesses in their ambitions. Our new Crowdfunding platform will offer asset backed bonds to everyday investors.


Contact: Julia Groves:

Emerging Crowd

Emerging Crowd is a full-service investment platform showcasing direct investment opportunities in the debt and equity of SMEs in frontier and emerging markets.

The platform provides institutional-quality due diligence and is open to a wide range of retail and professional investors from Europe and other select markets. Emerging Crowd targets fast-growing, scalable businesses with credible growth and liquidity prospects in consumer-driven sectors such as technology, media and telecommunications. Deal sizes range from £250,000 to £3,500,000 and are governed by English law.


Contact: Will Tindall:


A not-for-profit ethical investment intermediary based in Oxford, UK. Our directors offer a wealth of expertise in social investment.


Contact: Jamie Hartzell

logo-(2)Funding Empire

Connecting individuals that want to lend money, with businesses that want to borrow money.


Contact: Parag Patel


FundingKnight is a peer-to-business crowdlending platform. We match businesses seeking finance with a wide range of investors seeking an attractive return from a diversified portfolio of loans.


Contact: Graeme Marhshall



FundingSecure is a peer-to-peer lending platform that offers short term loans to individuals and businesses secured against their personal assets, including arts, antiques, classic cars, boats and property. Loan sizes range from £500 to £1 million


Contact: Richard Luxmore

Funding Tree

Funding Tree is the UK’s first fully regulated loan and equity crowdfunding platform, enabling investors to support businesses through their entire lifecycle.


Contact: Tom Seaman


Fundsurfer is a crowdfunding and commercial funding platform and community. We provide access to a range of funding options and support to help amazing projects and companies get funded.


Contact: Oliver Mochizuki


FutSci is designed by scientists to complement funding for Life Sciences – accredited researchers can post any project in need of funding, at any stage. We’re supporting knowledge, engaging the public and making research personal.


Contact: Deepika Kassen



Support independent game developers in attracting the funding they need to complete the project and bring it to market.


Contact: Andy Payne


Growthdeck helps you invest in quality UK companies the right way. We provide thorough, transparent and credible investment information and give you dedicated support from a team of genuine professionals. We are focused on providing tax-efficient investment opportunities across a wide range of growth industries, adopting a robust appraisal approach and proactive post-investment management of each company.​


Contact: Gary Robins


GrowthFunders is an online equity-based crowdfunding and co-investment platform, we match entrepreneurs, who have great ideas and potential, with investors who are looking to build strong investment portfolios. We also have professional partners who work alongside entrepreneurs to ensure that their businesses are investor-ready.






Hubbub powers crowdfunding for non-profits and educational institutions by providing whitelabel crowdfunding platforms.



Invesdor is the first fully EEA-regulated crowdfunding platform that operates a pan-EEA debt and equity platform. Through our online investment matching service,, entrepreneurs looking to raise equity or debt financing can easily connect with international investors seeking new investment opportunities from the European Economic Area.




investUP is the world’s only FCA regulated crowdfunding brokerage. We are on a mission to make investing an everyday thing, starting with the brand new crowdISA®



JustGiving Crowdfunding

Whether you want to help a friend in need or fund an established project, JustGiving Crowdfunding helps you support the causes you care about. Join our community of over 13 million people raising money to make good things happen.


Contact: Kate Eggleshaw

Lending Crowd

LendingCrowd is Scotland’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform. We connect growing and vibrant SME’s seeking small business loans with investors looking for a better return on their investment.





Microgenius is a dedicated web platform for community share offers, supporting the sale of shares in enterprises serving a community purpose.




MoneyandcosquareMoney & Co.

Money & Co will operate its business through its website. Lenders will be able to lend money to companies that the Money & Co credit analysts have carefully vetted.



propertycrowdsqProperty Crowd

UK property crowdfunding investments.

We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our underlying property assets.

Property Crowd was the first UK real estate crowdfunder to operate under FCA regulations.



Property Moose

Property Moose is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to property investment.  Our fully integrated online platform allows you to  self select  your own investments from a wide range of properties and invest from £500.



Property Partner

Property Partner is a property crowdfunding platform and trading exchange. We enable people to invest in residential property from as little as £50, earn returns and exit on platform.




Helping hard working Britain escape the debt cycle via our bespoke Peer to Peer platform and our Debt Elimination programme.


Contact: Frank Mukahanana

rebuilding-societyRebuilding Society is a peer-to-business lending platform that connects creditworthy UK businesses looking for a loan with individuals prepared to lend their own money for returns that outstrip retail savings products.


Contact: Nick Moules



Seedrs is a leading online platform for investing in startups and is open throughout Europe. We allow investors to invest as much or as little as they like in startups they choose, and we handle all the paperwork and manage the shares as nominee on their behalf. Seedrs is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Contact: Alysia Wanczyk


The UK’s experts in equity crowdfunding technology and solutions.

With ShareIn You can:

• Directly crowdfund from your website

• Run a crowdfunding platform

• Become an appointed representative

Raise capital your way.

Call us to learn more: +44 (0)131 641 0018



Simple Backing

Simple Backing connects Investors and Borrowers through property projects and smart business ideas. We are a crowdfunding and peer to peer lending platform that is authorised and regulated by the FCA.


Contact: Davin Poonwassie

Trillion Fund

A new source of funding for renewable energy projects worldwide, connecting today’s Internet-enabled investor directly to project developers. Our goal is to accelerate the growth in supply of low carbon energy.


Contact: Theresa Burton


VentureFounders is a UK-based equity crowdfunding platform backed by a wealth of investment and start-up experience. VentureFounders opens up venture capital and angel-style opportunities to investors in an entirely new way. Our holistic approach throughout the investment process looks to match the requirements of both investors and entrepreneurs.


Paul Moravek