Turkish Crowdfunding Takes Off with Fongogo

A new market place for projects, fit for Turkey
November 22, 2013, Istanbul

Fongogo ( offers anyone from individuals to companies to NGOs a marketplace to fundraise, seek feedback, and marketing projects.

Anyone who finds a particular project attractive gets the opportunity to be part of making it happen and gets a reward in return.

It’s a new way for project creators and project contributors to connect and increase the chances of realizing projects.

The team has been busy sourcing quality projects in the last couple of months, with the first projects being launched today.

It’s an exciting bunch including Bodrum Ağaç Mozaikleri, KAÇUV Aile Evi, Lama Mizah Dergisi, Yok Devenin Pabucu, Miya Hayat Planlayıcılar, and TOFD Akülü Sandalye. Other projects in the pipeline include initiatives by Sen-De-Gel, TOG, and other large NGOs.

Projects can be submitted online and are curated by the Fongogo team, which is working diligently with project creators to increase the chances of funding success during the campaign duration.

Fongogo is where projects get started by the crowd, a concept generally known as crowdfunding. It is an alternative, or complementary, way of sourcing funds with additional benefits including seeking proof of concept, and creating awareness.

Creators post their projects at Fongogo. Contributors allocate funds, small or large, to their projects of choice, for which they receive rewards, and/or recognition, in return. Both creators and contributors have access to tools that allow them to promote their projects on social media networks such as Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, which creates a viral effect and increases success.

Fongogo is a Turkish registered company with an active team based in Istanbul. To increase the impact the company works with Ambassadors and Advisors based in Turkey and abroad.

Ambassadors are ambitious individuals who support project creators and assist in introducing the crowdfunding concept to the general public, particularly those who are active social media users (Turkey is among the top 10 Facebook countries in the world).

Fongogo also collaborates with Partners from NGOs to incubators to angel networks. These partnerships help project sourcing and benefit project creators who are introduced to relevant services and support networks.




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