The World Bank: Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World

Source: MyC4

Last week The World Bank published a new report; Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World. And its worthwhile a closer study.

Some of the findings that are key for enabling environment are the potential to build trust and transparency for the developing world to leapfrog. One could say that there is an opportunity to leapfrog from the developed worlds of going to the ‘bank’ to simply doing ‘banking’ where you are and whenever you need to.

In the developing world MYC4 is one of the frontrunners with a for-profit model for all its´ stakeholders: Lenders, Borrowers, Gatekeepers and MYC4. We will find good inspiration for new products and the growth opportunities for engaging our Borrowers and Lenders closer.

Below you will find some quotes from the report.

“Crowdfunding has emerged as a multibillion-dollar global industry”

“Crowdfund Investing Platforms fills a void between microfinance and professional/institutional investors”

“By leveraging technology, crowd funding can serve for new venture formation, job creation and inclusive economic growth”

“From an income perspective, 240-344 million developing households could participate in crowdfunding”

“At USD93 billion, the potential size of developing world crowd funding would represent 1.8 times global venture capital investments”

If you have a busy agenda, I suggest you read the Foreword and Executive Summary (pg 4-13) you can find the full report here.

Also keep yourself updated on the blog, in a few weeks we will get back to you with a more detailed review of the report.