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Hi guys, SUBSET here! We are working hard on this campaign and reaching out to family friends fans supporters and backers and things are going well. Next week independently we’ll start recording some new songs to be released in 2014. Exciting time that is to go back to the studio and lay down some new fresh smashing ideas. Feel free to tell us your thoughts! Romain (guitarist/singer)

Did you know SUBSET raised successfully £4,000 in 2010 & that we are about to do it again by Xristmas? We used the money in 2010 to:

Record our EP ‘Drenched’ attracting 10 positive reviews across the music bloggers community;

Embarked ourself in our 3rd tour with 20 dates across the UK including London, Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham;

Attracted 20,000 fans on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, Bandcamp and Soundcloud;

Thanks to your help 3 yrs ago we are here with bigger plans: please help us again!



SUBSET  started playing live in early 2009 with no money or resources fulfilling their first tour in 2010 without a van by carrying equipment and travelling by bus.

Through word-of-mouth, Subset came to the attention of Simon Trought (Let’s Wrestle, Screaming Tea Party, and Stolen Recordings) who saw the band’s potential and helped produce their first track. This track was an overnight success.

Within their first year together their fans convinced them to enter the Surface Unsigned Competition. This they did and, with the help of their loyal crowd and public voters, were able to beat over 100 acts to reach the final and finished in 4th place – nationally.

The band earned a growing fan-base in the underground music community and critical acclaim with their second single ‘Ambrosia’ (2010).

Through this mixture of success and reputation Expat Records signed them within months of hearing Ambrosia. The band then went on to release two EPs called ‘Mahogany’ and ‘Drenched’ which received rave reviews by the UK and US media.

In Feb 2012, the band travelled to Los Angeles to strengthen their US contacts and industry links and to develop their presence across the Californian college circuit.

The band has since distilled its musical direction resulting in faster, punchier songs that have stronger appeal with the college, grunge, punk and alt rock scenes.

May 2012 – three years after Subset entered the music scene, the band has released 20 songs in total, performed at venues and festivals across the UK and are kicking off their ‘Underground Giants’ tour this summer and a new release planned for the winter.

In 2013, SUBSET released a 15 tracks album called Loverdose and kicked off their 4 th UK tour called ‘IT’S LIKE ON TV BUT REAL’.

SUBSET have 6 official video releases on their YouTube channel (

Please feel free to check us out at the following:
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Following their last UK tour, which ended to rave reviews in Cambridge in early August, ‘Subset’ have joined forces with Luton local indie rock bands ‘Wondersmiths’, ‘Lupo’  and ‘Lucid’ and from Paris, French heavy metal masters ‘Thirds Collide’ who are crossing the Channel for this gig.
Subset Lead singer Romain Daste said: “When we announced this gig a month ago we promised a billing that would feature the best local Luton heavy rock bands and we are pleased that three up and coming bands from the area are joining us.  We are also delighted to welcome a great French heavy metal band. This is going to be a great rocking gig”.
Romain added, “We love coming back to Luton which is our spiritual home and where the band first started playing. Since we formed in 2009 we have played over 40 gigs and festivals in Luton and Dunstable and the reaction from our fans and music lovers has always been incredible.”
‘Subset’ are fuzz rockers, a fuzz loud indie band with post-punk grunge overtones, a loud alternative underground rock band – and they are on the verge of making it into the big time.
They have been signed up by two labels and released their debut album ‘Loverdose’ this year.
They have also put out three EPs, three singles and one covers album.
The band has plans for another release in 2014 with plenty of live material recorded on the road and another 30 tracks awaiting production.
Their live performances draw critical acclaim and have helped to create a loyal fan base that numbers over 10,000.
‘Subset’ has played around 150 shows in the Luton, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas, as well as further afield.
This year they performed in Paris and are planning their first European tour for next year.
A recent review after their Cambridge gig in August stated: “through several years of relentless touring and creative soul-searching Subset has developed a highly professional sound that is inches away from mainstream success.  They have a breathless repertoire and give a highly professional and polished performance with titanic vocal lines in which lead singer Romain Daste can shift from a false falsetto in one bar to a punkish drawl in the next.”