Sharing Economy kicks off on Crowdcube – Get stuck in together

Sharing Economy Experts Launch Crowdfunding Campaign on @CrowdCube

A leading provider of technology based asset-sharing solutions, Compare and Share, launched their crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube Friday 11 October.
Compare And Share are seeking a £50,000 investment as the first and only aggregator of the Sharing Economy in the world, armed with unique asset-sharing technology that enables consumers and companies to access and exploit the world’s under-used assets.
Asset-sharing is a growing trend increasingly being referred to as the ‘Sharing Economy’, and Compare and Share are currently the leading UK experts in this field, with unique market intelligence and industry relationships.
Founder of Compare and Share and Sharing Economy expert, Benita Matofska, said:
“Globally the Sharing Economy is worth £310 billion and 52% of adults in the UK are accessing the Sharing Economy with another 28% are interested in it.  So there is huge market potential and we are the only aggregator that has come into the market place to exist and fully exploit this opportunity. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to be the (or the of the Sharing Economy.”
The Compare and Share CrowdCube pitch will include a video showcasing their company and the recently developed asset-sharing technology that has already attracted businesses keen to embrace peer-to-peer sharing, including a recent lucrative contract with Macmillan Cancer Support and interest from a leading high-street retailer.
According to Matofska: “The Sharing Economy is essentially changing the way that business is done and Compare and Share is the engine that enables that change. We build the tools that enable these companies to actually deliver peer-to-peer sharing and that’s fundamentally what it is about, being resource efficient, making the world work better, a good deal for everyone.”
Compare and Share is the first and only comparison website of the Sharing Economy and set to open up the sharing market in the same way eBay opened up the second-hand goods market making the sharing of spare goods ubiquitous.  As world leading experts in this space, Compare and Share has the talent and a unique idea that is infinitely scalable. This is the next big aggregator, the global technology brand, of the future with massive potential for a huge return on investment.