JustGiving To Start Crowdfunding for Social Good with Yimby

Have you ever ran a marathon or know someone who has?

Then you’ve probably heard of JustGiving, the fundraising platform that’s 13,000 charities to raise £1.6 billion.

Today they launched, a new crowdfunding platform for social good.

Part funded £50,000 by a government grant

JustGiving’s younger sibling received £50,000 in funding from the government.

We are increasingly noticing the power of the crowd growing from strength to strength, Nesta reported that over £200m was raised through crowdfunding platforms in 2012.

Will Yimby be able to inspire the public to take action and fight for their local communities online? aims to create a space where communities can raise money for social activism using technology to bring people together and fund projects at grassroots levels.

Projects range from planting community gardens to launching mentoring programmes for young people.

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