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Join the UKCFA as we advocate for the advancement of the crowdfunding industry, providing support, guidance, and representation for our members, while empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to access diverse funding opportunities.

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Defending the interests of the UK crowdfunding sector, working with government, regulators, and stakeholders for a thriving ecosystem.

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Promoting crowdfunding benefits, risks, and opportunities, fostering an informed market and broader acceptance of alternative financing.

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Connecting industry members for shared experiences and innovation, empowering businesses and entrepreneurs through collective support.

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News & Announcement

Tony De Nazareth, Founder and Director of Crowd for Angels

Spotlight on Crowd for Angels

In this Spotlight Initiative edition, we spoke to Tony De Nazareth, Director and Founder of Crowd for Angels., Europe’s largest private market investment platform.

Crowdcube was one of the founders of the UKCFA

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Spotlight on Crowdcube

In this Spotlight Initiative edition, we spoke to Matt Cooper, who is Co-CEO at Crowdcube, Europe’s largest private market investment platform.

Crowdcube was one of the founders of the UKCFA

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Ian Lowe, CEO & Executive Director Dacxi Chain

Spotlight on Dacxi Chain

In our first Spotlight Initiative edition, we spoke to Ian Lowe, who is CEO and Executive Director at Dacxi Chain, who’s platform focuses on innovation and connectivity.

Dacxi Chain is transforming equity crowdfunding by connecting crowdfunding platforms from different jurisdictions around the world into a single network.

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Frequently asked questions

Crowdfunding is raising money directly from a large number of people all putting in relatively small amounts of money.
Debt crowdfunding is when investors lend money to a company, who then repays the investor on a regular basis. The company has to pay their debts before taking any profits, and if the company went under then debtors would get paid first. So this is a lower risk form of investment than Equity.
These will vary according to the crowdfunding platform you use. In some cases investments and donations can be as low as £5, with no ceiling on the amount you invest, others may cap the total investment you make as a percentage of your net assets.
Every crowdfunding platform has made its own assessment as to whether it needs to be regulated by the FCA or any other body in order to conduct its business. The UK Crowdfunding Association does not take a position as to when regulation is and isn’t required.
Your money is always at risk and if you make an investment and the company goes into liquidation, you risk losing some or all of your investment. You will be treated like other investors of the same class by the liquidators, who will divide up any remaining assets in the business in proportion to shareholdings.
Crowdfunding platforms with the black UK Crowdfunding Association’s logo have signed up to this code of practice. Platforms that can not meet this requirement will not be invited to join the Association and will have their membership withdrawn if they fail to meet it on an ongoing basis.
A donation is essentially a gift: you give money to a project that you like – they may or may not offer a reward such as the product, a T-shirt or your name being included in credits etc. An investment is where you pay money to a company in the hope of making a return over time.