Director, Bruce Davis speaks to Times Radio on Crowdfunding.

UKCFA Director Bruce Davis was recently invited to speak on Times Radio about Crowdfunding with Ed Vaizey. Bruce shares his view below:

“I have spoken about crowdfunding many times on radio and TV over the years, and it has been a frequent frustration that there isn’t time allowed for a more informed conversation about the benefit of crowdfunding beyond simple descriptions of the investment risks and returns. So it was mightily refreshing to chat with @EdVaizey on his Friday evening show on Times Radio the week before last. Ed doesn’t beat about the bush and gets right to the nub of the issue.  Yes crowdfunding carries risk and no one should think it is a shortcut to riches, however we can’t expect the UK stock markets which power our pensions and ISAs to break out of the doldrum in terms of new unicorns and IPOs if we don’t encourage those with the spare cash to invest to put their money into the future of UK PLC.  As highlighted in the conversation, the UK has some much envied and world leading tax reliefs for people prepared to put their money to work in this way.  We need more opportunities for a grown up conversation and support the creation of a more grown up investing culture or risk becoming a technology and industrial backwater.”

You can listen to the section of the interview covering the work of the UK Crowdfunding Association and its members below. 

The interview also discussed Bruce’s role as Non-Exec Director for Abundance Investment, a member of the UKCFA, who are working with Local Councils from across the UK to issue green investments – community municipal investments – which offer a low risk way to deliver real impact for local communities wanting to take action on the climate crisis. Ed himself is a local resident of one of the most recent offers from Hammersmith and Fulham and you can listen to the full interview here