Crowdfunding has raised over £1.5bn from 2,400 rounds of funding since 2011. But will it prove to be a good investment for private investors?

Now a new service from Equity Crowd Expert provides all the inside information you need to know to understand this growing asset class. Equity Crowd Expert has launched a Freemium service for the UK Crowdfunding Market which covers over 1,800 Crowdfunded companies and provides extensive analytic and portfolio management tools.

Equity Crowd Expert was born out of a desire to know more about the success and failure of companies to date, understand more about how specific companies were performing and to enable people to have a way of tracking a portfolio of crowdfunded investments.

Crowdfunding investors can now get access to a wide range on information on crowdfunded businesses, open and recently closed campaigns as well as on the crowdfunding industry as a whole.

Product highlights include:

  1. Crowdfunding Investors can get easy access to intelligence on crowdfunded companies, including in-depth information on all the crowdfunding rounds, regulatory filings, filtered news and shareholder data
  2. Users can create their own watchlist and portfolio to receive tailored news and filing alerts on these companies as well as saving and accessing their own documents
  3. The product offers multiple analytical tools, including industry stats, league tables and industry reports