Crowdfunding 2.0: A New Means for Capitalist Participation

Entrepreneurs must spend extensive time raising funds. There is no way around it. From constant networking to attending conferences and landing clients, there isn’t much time left to spend hunting investors. Crowdfunding platforms luckily reduce the pain of emerging businesses in need of capital.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are synonymous with the popular rise of crowdfunding. Pebble Watch, an early-mover in the smartwatch space, raised a whopping $10 million. Although an outlier, Pebble is a primary exhibit for what the crowd could do for emerging companies.

Crowdfunding was further legitimized by the JOBS Act, which removed restrictions on small-time investors from funding a business. While the trend has granted significant opportunity for companies just starting out, there is a lack of crowdfunding options for those with traction needing a momentum boost.

Due to the change in policy a gap now exists in the crowdfunding space. It will take an understanding of the complex, real-world processes that provide integrity and confidence for investors to create a digital experience that drives capitalism.

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