Could crowdfunding work for innovative social ventures?

The forecast of a £1 billion impact investment market by 2016 is indicative of the growing realisation that more fit-for-purpose funding is needed if social ventures are to be given the best chance of tackling the major problems society faces. From social accelerators to impact funds, much progress has been...

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Crowdfunding's Added Value

Modern crowdfunding has received many plaudits for how it has taken an age old way of raising funds online and made it easier and more cost-effective to reach large numbers of potential backers. However, crowdfunding can add value in other ways too. This the first in two blogs on this topic.

Putting money towards the development of an innovative product or service is always going to be risky. Will people buy a product? Will users engage with a service? Predicting demand is essential to ensure that the right ideas are backed but it is often difficult to do.