New Equity Crowdfunding Rules Could Change Startup Game

Source: Mashable    Crowdfunding donors may soon be getting a perk with a bit more upside in exchange for their cash. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday put forward rules that would help guide a new investment strategy known as equity crowdfunding. Regular investors, meaning most Americans over the age...

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Ubuntu Edge May Have Just Set the Crowdfunding Record

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced on Friday that the site's Ubuntu Edge campaign has set the record as the largest crowdfunding project ever — more than 24,000 donors have offered up nearly $11.5 million in funding as of Monday morning. The Ubuntu Edge project surpassed the industry's previous record...

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Medifund: Can We Crowdfund New Doctors?

A startup in the Philippines called Medifund has come up with an answer to an unsolved issue in the medical field: understaffed hospitals. The shortage of doctors and nurses in Asia has largely to do with the high cost of medical education. To tackle this problem, Medifund’s founder...

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