PayPal Has a Crowdfunding Problem

Late Wednesday evening, the founders behind Mailpile, a privacy-centric email client that's already raised north of $130,000 on Indiegogo, received a message no crowdfunder wants to hear: PayPal had frozen about one-third of the funds in their account. The company's co-founder writes: Afer four phone calls, the last of...

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How to Crowdfund Like a Hacker

Kevin Rustagi is no stranger to crowdfunding. Ministry of Supply, the men's clothier that Rustagi co-founded with several MIT classmates in 2010, broke Kickstarter records last June when the company raised nearly $500,000--more than any previous fashion project--from over 2,500 backers for itssweat-resistant dress shirts. Perhaps understandably, Rustagi was...

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Why Your Bank Is Terrified of Crowdfunding

As crowdfunding becomes more mainstream, more entrepreneurs see it as an alternative to bank loans. Banks are none too pleased. In 2012, crowdfunding portals helped small business owners and individuals raise about $2.7 billion. By the end of this year, that figure could nearly double, according to Massolution, which tracks...

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