Investors must be 'made clear' of crowdfunding risks

"Crowdfunding" - an alternative lending method where companies ask the public for investment online - has been growing in popularity. Using the system, Scottish beer-maker BrewDog raised more than £1m in 24 hours after it appealed to the general public for funds in exchange for equity. But...

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Ubuntu sets crowdfund pledge record for Edge smartphone

A crowdfunding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone has set a record for raising more money in pledges than any other such venture. The London-based developer, Canonical, has generated $10,288,472 (about £6.6m) in pledges, passing the record set by Pebble smartwatches last year. But with six days...

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Banks to publish local lending data

(Banks feel the competitive force of Peer to Peer lenders and crowdfinance - Major UK banks will reveal details from January of their lending in thousands of local areas, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has announced. He hopes publishing lending data across 10,000 postcode areas will boost...

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