300 days to go: Yes Scotland launches community crowdfunding campaign

By Stan Blackley, Deputy Director of Communities

Today marks 300 days to go until the independence referendum on Thursday 18September 2014 and today we launch acrowdfunding campaign to raise funds to help us resource and support our community campaigners and local groups.

View the crowdfunding campaign here

Over the last year, Yes Scotland has establishedhundreds of active local groups across the whole of Scotland. We want to help the amazing volunteers who campaign in these groups to take the positive pro-independence message out to their local communities by supplying them with the resources they need to do so.

With your help, we’ll be able to give our local groups materials to distribute, venues in which to hold meetings, pop-up stalls to take to public events, and potentially even a local Yes Scotland presence in their community.

By donating to the crowdfunding campaign, you will be helping our volunteers to reach undecided voters in their local communities – helping them to ensure a Yes vote and an independent Scotland.

We believe that a Yes vote will be won through people talking to each other about the merits of Scotland making its own decisions for itself, and the many options and opportunities that this will bring for future positive and transformational change.

A better Scotland is possible through a Yes vote, but we will only convince those who remain undecided about Scottish independence by speaking to them in their local communities and by using arguments and language that are relevant to them. This is why our local groups are so important, and that is why we’re asking for your help to resource them.

Donations to the crowdfunding campaign start at only £3 and those donating £30 or more will receive strictly limited edition rewards. The crowdfunding campaign will run for the next 30 days, ending before Christmas 2013. We need to raise the whole total from donations or we won’t receive anything at all, so do please give what you can.

You can also tell others about the crowdfunding campaign by sharing the following links in your social media: and

We need to step-up our campaign activity in Scotland’s communities and on-the-ground in the New Year. Please help us to do this if you can. Thank you for your help.