'Atheist church' seeks £500,000 in crowdfunding to build online platform

'Atheist church' seeks £500,000 in crowdfunding to build online platform

Source: Wired 


The Sunday Assembly, a godless congregation set up by comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, is looking to raise £500,000 to build a digital platform that will enable the movement to scale.

The organisation launched in January 2013 with the mission statement to “live better, help often and wonder more”. It runs events on Sundays where people come together to listen to talks, sing songs and “generally celebrate the wonder of life”. It has since expanded to 35 different cities. It’s done all of this with a very basic WordPress website. The plan is to raise the moneythrough Indiegogo and set up a three-person team — a UX specialist, developer and product manager — dedicated to building the platform.

Sunday Assembly Crowdfunding: Assemblies for Allsundayassembly


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